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Product Name: Organic Silicon Defoamer
CAS No: Defoamer
Product Type: Catalysts & Chemical Agents -> Chemical agents
Product spec: 99%
Packing: 25kgs/drum
Place Of Supplier: China
Price: 45RMB/Kilograms
Quantity: 500Kilograms
Valid Period: 2018-06-24
Description: Characteristic: 1,Composed of modified polysiloxane and various additives 2,Add it in the bottom materials of fermentation industry, has a good ability to inhibit foam. 3,Strong adaptability, can be used in a variety of foam systems and different acid-base conditions. 4,In the fermentation process will not harm to bacteria. Specification: Appearance: White or yellowish viscous liquid PH Value:5-7 Assay:99%
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